Forgotten Sands Flame
Game The Forgotten Sands
UPlay N/A
Xbox 360 30G
Playstation 3 15 Bronze

Acrobat is an achievement/trophy in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.


"Jump on enemies thirty times in a row without falling or using the Power of Time."


When you return to the palace that is now infested with the Sand Army, you will be swarmed by a lot of enemies. Run around until they get into a big group, and then just jump on one of them. While still on that enemy, quickly jump again and a direction to jump to another enemy. This may still take a bit because you will miss from time to time but you should not be hit off. It is best to move in all four directions so that you don't end up in the middle where you may jump too far in any direction.

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