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The corruption's true form is formless

The Corruption is driven by the envy and hatred of Ahriman. Spreading darkness in the world, it corrupted the hearts of men and unleashed a dark substance which physically contaminated the land and the skies. Lethal to touch, insatiable in hunger, the Corruption spread across the world, killing or changing all that stood in its path. Those who succumbed to it were killed, those who were saved by Ahriman became twisted beings tied to his service.


At the height of his power Ahriman counted his servants as his legion. To most of his vassals Ahriman gave little, these men and women became mere drones, soldiers in the massed ranks of Ahriman’s armies. Their souls promised, or taken by the Corruption but little valued, these creatures have no will of their own, they exist only to serve.

Among all of Ahriman’s followers only the Corrupted were permitted to keep their will. Ahriman granted these chosen ones the powers they wished for. In return the Corrupted served special tasks commanding Ahriman’s forces in the fight against Ormazd, or offering skills needed for the war. By the time Ormazd struck back there were many of these Corrupted, but as the war raged they died one by one so that when Ahriman fell, only a few remained. They were sealed into the Tree of Life trapping Ahriman and becoming his weakness instead of his strength.

In Prince of Persia, each environment will go through different stages - from totally “safe” to almost completely corrupted areas. Ubisoft has developed an organic corruption that creeps through the world and decays it. It is a living substance that will interact with the player and challenge him.[1]

Corruption comes in various forms. These include small blobs that travel across walls, large pools, flying bat-like or soldier-like creatures, tentacles coming out of the walls, and small particles in the air. All of these forms are dangerous or lethal to the Prince.


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