Elika escaping her people - Artwork
Organization Data
Founder(s) Ormazd
Leader Mourning King and Elika's mother (formerly)
Base of Operations Persia
Status Active
Notable Individual(s) Elika
Mourning King (formerly)
Ahura Soldier
Elika's mother
Appearance(s) Prince of Persia (2008)
Prince of Persia: Epilogue

"Two hundred generations of Ahura gave their lives to stop Ahriman returning. I have their strength as well as mine."

The Ahura are a warrior tribe who're tasked with guarding the Tree of Life, in which has imprisoned the God of Darkness. Ahriman. Formerly, they were lead by the Mourning King.


Guarding of a God

After Ormazd imprisoned Ahriman within the Tree of Life, he left the Ahura as the guardians. During the time that Ormazd appointed them with this task, the Ahura amassed as thousands but over time they have dwindled. In Elika's youth there were a mere two hundred Ahura left and she blamed the disappearance of the rest on the death of her mother and her father's grief at his wife's loss.

Elika's father, the Mourning King stands as the last king of the Ahura. The Ahura came from many lands and so had no defining characteristics. They did, however, once know how to use Ormazd's magic via special plates.

Ideology and goals

Not much is known about the ideology of the Ahura. However, they seem to look up to Ormazd as their god and follow his philosophies as well as his instruction.[1] In addition, their duty is sworn to protect the land against the corruption of Ahriman and to keep him imprisoned.[1]


Despite their duties, however, they're major flaws within their ideology. As the Prince has pointed out, the people have seemingly pledged themselves to the Ahura and lack any information about what they've pledge themselves to begin with. However, Elika has pointed out the flaw and told the Prince that her people are told either keep Ahriman imprisoned or let him out and there's really no choice in such matters due to the consequence If they chose the latter option.[1]


Former Members


  • Ahura is the name given to the three first gods worshiped by the Persian Kings.
  • Ahura is the "1st name" of Ormazd in Zoroastrianism, Ahura Mazda (Ormazd is the Middle Persian name for Ahura Mazda).


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