The Alchemist's Artwork
Biographical Data
Origin Persia
Occupation Corrupted, Scientist
Item(s)/Weapon(s) Corruption
Out of Universe Data
Appearance(s) Prince of Persia (2008)

"It is not that you cannot understand. It's that you do not even question. Knowledge enlightens. You close your eyes in blind faith."
—The Alchemist to the Prince and Elika.

The Alchemist was once an Ahura scientist who became obsessed with unlocking life's secrets.


Early Life

Driven by his thirst for knowledge, the man who would become the Alchemist slowly became cold and soulless, never letting emotions, compassion or ethics stand in the way of his experiments. However in the end his health began to fail and he became increasingly desperate, knowing that with his death, all his knowledge would be lost. At first he attempted to ask help from Ormazd. But it was useless as the man's cruel actions made Ormazd deaf to his pleas. Ahriman then began to whisper a solution – a formula for eternal youth. When the Alchemist demanded the formula Ahriman was happy to grant it in exchange for his soul.

This seemed a simple trade to the Alchemist. But Ahriman provided him the most complicated alchemical formula ever seen. The Alchemist’s tireless efforts at cracking the formula sapped his already diminished strength and on the eve of what he believed to be a breakthrough – he finally collapsed. As he died, Ahriman collected his soul. Once dead the Alchemist realized that he had been given what he wanted. He could live forever. As long as Ahriman lives, the Alchemist could continue his experiments.

Servant of Ahriman

The Alchemist was given the Vale as his domain and floods the once great sanctuary of learning with Corruption and monitors his experiments from his Observatory high above. In battle he uses a pool of Corruption and attacks with waves and tendrils of it. If he falls into Corruption, he will teleport back into the playing field. Eventually he is overcome in his Observatory and Elika cleanses him, ending his ambitions of an eternal existence.


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