Sands of Time Trilogy Artifacts
Saurva Box
Box of One Thousand Restraints
Game Battles of Prince of Persia
Vital Data
Creator Daevas[1]
Wielder Saurva, Vizier

The Box of One Thousand Restraints[1] is a mystical artifact featured in Battles of Prince of Persia.


Anyone who possesses the box can imprison his enemies in the Box. The Vizier sent Saurva to find it and when he did, the Vizier imprisoned him and his people, the Daevas into the Box, because Sindra, Saurva's sister refused him.[1]

Years later, when the Prince sought the Box of One Thousand Restraints to attempt to seal away the Dahaka, he unleashed Saurva and his army.[1]



Events of Battles of Prince of Persia



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