Warrior Within


Brutes attack the Prince simply by approaching him and then often trying to pummel him with their massive fists and feet.[1] Doing so can also often create damaging shock waves. They also try to literally run over the Prince. The prince can only kill them by hacking at their heels, which are the only reachable areas of their bodies without armor.

After hitting the heels enough, the brute will fall to its knees, giving the prince time to crawl onto its back and start hitting it's neck. While the prince is hitting the brute's neck, the giant will attempt to grab the prince and throw him, before which he has to jump off its neck, or it will throw him off its neck, damaging him severely, and if unlucky enough, sent flying into deep pits or spiked areas, killing him, or, at the least, leaving him near-dead.[1]

After enough damage is dealt, the prince will stab it in the neck, then jump off as it falls to its knees and melts away. While the Brute is incredibly powerful, it is not particularly intelligent. It is not uncommon for the lumbering beast to wander from the area it is meant to defend, destroying bits of the Palace in its wake.[1]

At one point in the game, there is a brute that will throw Spike Beasts at the prince as exploding projectiles. The strongest brute is the Thrall. It has a tough body and the player may have to slow down time to be safer with it.[1]


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