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The Corrupted
Attack Information
Alias N/A
Weapon(s) N/A
Damage N/A
Behavior N/A
Weaknesses N/A
Strength(s) N/A
Origin N/A
Creator(s) Ahriman
Affiliation Ahriman
Out of Universe Information
Locations(s) N/A

The Corrupted are four fallen followers of Ahriman. Tainted by Ahriman's Corruption, the four act as his lieutenants in his war against the light.


Each was originally a human whom Ahriman infused with his corruption but permitted them to keep their free will. Each had once lusted after power in life and willingly sold their souls to Ahriman to acquire the power they desired. In return the Corrupted served special tasks commanding Ahriman’s forces in the fight against Ormazd, or offering skills needed for the war.

By the time Ormazd struck back there were many of these Corrupted, but as the war raged they died one by one so that when Ahriman fell, only a few remained. They were sealed into the Tree of Life trapping Ahriman and becoming his weakness instead of his strength.[1]

With the new spread of Ahriman's power, the Corrupted now stalk the world once more to carry on their dark masters bidding. They pose the greatest challenge to the Prince and Elika in their quest.

Only four of the Corrupted were sealed with Ahriman in the Tree of Life. Later Ahriman tempts the last king of the Ahura to free him, gradually corrupting him through his grief over the loss of his wife and death and revival of his daughter. They act as the major antagonists throughout the game.

Named Corrupted


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