Warrior Within


The trick to beating the Crow Masters is to catch up to them and make sure you can find a wall to kick-off attack on, or have some manner of getting above them. Using them is a good idea too, if that is your last option, but it is easier to kick off a wall straight through the Crow Masters, which allows you to regain your balance before they do.[1]

One easy strategy to use against the Crow Master is to vault over him, and then attack him with the aerial vault combo; repeat this until he is dead.[1] Crow Masters are able to divide into many crows in order to fly to higher places. They usually do this during fights after they have taken enough damage.[1]

They do it three times before dying in most cases. They are also mostly affected by aerial attacks, but block a lot as well. Crow Masters always use the same weapon, Kerena, which does max damage and has an average attack speed, however, it is very fragile.[1]

In one instance, a Crow Master threatens the Prince, but the Dahaka appears and the Crow Master is used by him (using his tentacles) as a sort of club to smack the Prince across the Garden Waterworks, killing the Crow Master at the same time.[1]

Crow Masters seem to think of the Prince as a challenge as they encourage him to show them his skills. Also, they won't attack if the prince was knocked from his feet until he stands up again. They even honor him after they are killed by him.[1] It is possible to pick up the Crow Master's weapon once he is defeated. His weapon is extremely powerful and does a large amount of damage to enemies, however its life span is relatively short.[1]


If players wish to evade the Crow Master, the simplest way to do so is to ignore him and keep running. When you encounter him first time after getting Spider Sword just after the cinematic ends, instead going ahead and fighting with him, just climb wall and keep going.

This will help people who think that they can't defeat Crow Master and don't want to battle him. You can ignore him every time you encounter him in Garden Tower by climbing the ladder you see on platform that crow master is on. However, don't forget Crow Master's sword is a powerful side weapon.


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