Template:Organization Box (Sands of Time) The Cult was an ancient Hindu sect[1] in India ran by the being only known as Master.[2]


Plotting to resurrect their leader, the Master, three members of the cult (Priest, Ghoul, and Giant) had recovered the Djinn Sword and kidnapped the Prince to use them both in a ancient, evil ritual to draw power from Razia's magic and his royal blood. The result was successful, the cultist reviving their acclaimed master and being transformed in the process from Razia' magic and left the Prince amnesiac and Razia drained of most of her magic.[2]

With the aid of Razia, the Prince and the Djinn tracked down and slew the three cultist to regain her power and later confronted the Master, who had used his ressurected power to lay waste to both India and later Babylon. The Master is eventually defeated by the duo, putting an end to the cult.[2]

Former Members


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