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The Dahaka in Warrior Within
Personal Data
Alias Guardian of Time
Gender Presumed Male
Origin created by the Gods
Species Sand Monster
Relative(s) Gods (creators)
Current Status Deceased
Item(s)/Weapon(s) Tentacle
Occupation Guardian of the Timeline
Appearance(s) Battles of Prince of Persia,
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
"You are quick mortal, quick to die!"

The Dahaka (also known as the Guardian of Time) is the guardian of the timeline. He appears only when the timeline is disrupted. It is the Dahaka's duty to make sure that the Prince meets his death in order to restore the timeline. He is one of the antagonists in Warrior Within.

Official DescriptionEdit

"A Massive mythical creature spawned by the Prince's disruption of the Timeline, the Dahaka is the Guardian of the Timeline. When something exists in the Timeline that should not be there, the Dahaka is sent to erase it.Since the Prince should have died in the Sultan's Palace, the Dahaka has been sent to remove him. This huge beast follows our hero with a single purpose: Ending the Prince's life. The Dahaka appears sporadically, traveling through reality in a swirling black void. As it approaches, the ground trembles and unsuspecting bystanders are forever pulled into this gaping emptiness, never to return. This beast is surely not of this world. The Dahaka knows its purpose. Walls and weapons means nothing to it and it cannot be killed, harmed or slowed down."
—Official booklet description[1]


Battles of Prince of PersiaEdit

Warrior WithinEdit

The ChaseEdit

The story starts with the Dahaka chasing the Prince through Babylon's streets. He corners him at the end of the alley and prepares to absorb him, however, why he never captures and kills him is never revealed within the narrative.

During his travels on the Island of Time, the Dahaka pursues the Prince throughout the Fortress of Time. The hero has to flee, unable to harm the creature. The Dahaka is relentless in his pursuit of the Prince and his mission is only halted whenever the Prince crosses areas with water; the Prince learns that the Dahaka cannot touch water or fight against it, so he uses this advantage to escape from the Dahaka.

A Second ChanceEdit

The Dahaka followed the Prince even in the past, making his journey even more difficult. After the death of the Empress, the Prince thinks that he's free to leave the Island, but the Dahaka arrives and throws him into a secret passage. The Prince then realizes that by killing the Empress, he created the sands of time.

The Prince managed to retrieve the mask, transforming into the Sand Wraith. He then assumes that the creature who was following him was in fact himself who was trying to warn him about the Empress.

The Prince travels back in time to reach Kaileena, but once again, he's followed by the guardian of Timeline. The wooden bridge onto which the Dahaka steps collapses, but before falling to his assumed death, one of the Dahaka's tentacles reaches the prince, who slices it and screams with anger.

Final BattleEdit

After reaching Kaileena in the present, the Prince stops her from fighting. Suddenly, the Dahaka appears and tries to absorb Kaileena, who doesn't belong in the present.

The Prince attacks him, and due to having the Water Sword, is able to harm him. Kaileena runs away and the Prince fights the beast with his sword, now able to harm the monster. After a long battle, Kaileena throws a sand ball at the Dahaka, who gets caught on the edge of the platform. The prince stabs the Dahaka's head, and the creature falls into the water. As the sea turns black, the Dahaka comes out from the water, only to explode, the ocean water returning back to normal. The Prince has changed his fate.


  • The Dahaka speaks in reverse. When the Dahaka speaks, if time is turned back, its sentences can be understood.
  • When you fight Kaileena for the first time, she says: "I had hoped the Dahaka would kill you.", but when you fight her for the second time with the Water Sword and the Dahaka appears, Kaileena has no idea who the Dahaka is
  • The Dahaka's horns resemble the infinity symbol, perhaps indicating its eternal existence.
  • The Dahaka may have very likely been named off a creature from Persian/Iranian mythology known as Aži Dahāka. This creature's name then translates to titles such as "Dragon-King" or "Serpent-King".[citation needed]
  • The Dahaka's height seems to change throughout Warrior Within. It sometimes appears larger than the Prince, others, just a little over the Princes height. This is likely an error on the end of the developers.


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