Dahaka breaking Walls

The Dahaka's immense strength enables it to break through walls.

The Dahaka is perhaps one of the most powerful enemies the Prince has ever faced in his adventures.[1] The Dakaha is an immensely strong and durable individual, evident by its build.[2]

In terms of strength, The Dahaka's own outclasses the Prince and almost every sand monster he has ever encountered during the events of Warrior Within.. Its strength enables it to crush through walls with ease and throw the Prince in considerable distances.[2]

In addition to possess immense strength, the Dahaka also posses great agility, being able to leap and cover large distances during the Dahaka chase scenes.[2] The Dahaka also possess some speed, being able to seemingly teleport very short distances while chasing the Prince.[2]

Dahaka's Tentacles

The Dahaka often uses tentacles from its own body to attack.

The Dahaka has the ability to use tentacles which originate from his body. With this, he's seen able to tear through a Crow Master and has sufficient strength to not only kill a human being, but also snap and pull a body apart in half with ease should the Prince ever get captured. It also is used to catch the Prince off guard ahead of him.[2] Perhaps its most menacing ability is its apparent invincibility. Throughout Warrior Within, nothing was able to harm the beast. If the player tried attacking the Dahaka before gaining the Water Sword, the effect of it resembled that of hitting a wall.[2]


The Dahaka is a very capable and determined tracker, having tracked the Prince since the events of Battles of Prince of Persia to Warrior Within, in which there was a seven year gap. He's the sole reason for push the  Prince to becoming desperate and his personality becoming more darker.


The only known weakness of the Dahaka himself is water. This is most likely due to the fact he's a sand monster, in which water is a common weakness among them.[3] The only known weapon to affect the Dahaka is the Water Sword.[2] Or it could be a symbolic trait that water purifies evil.


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