Battles of Prince of Persia



Warrior Within


Dahaka's Tentacles

The Dahaka often uses tentacles from its own body to attack.

The Dahaka uses tentacles which that stem from the back of his body. The tentacles can tear through the body of Crow Master and has sufficient strength to not only kill a human being, but also snap or pull a body in half with ease should[note 1] The Dahaka also his tentacles to catch the Prince off guard whenever he got ahead of him.[1]

Perhaps the Dahaka's most ability is its apparent invincibility. Short of the Water Sword, nothing appeared able to stop or harm the Dahaka if the Prince attempted to attack him before obtaining the weapon.[1]

The Dahaka is a capable and determined tracker, hunting the Prince since the events of Persia[2] to his time on the run and search for the Island of Time. In the seven years the Dahaka has hunted the Prince, he remained relentless and determined to see him face the consequences of manipulating time.


Dahaka breaking Walls

The Dahaka's strength enables it to break through walls.

As an immortal, Dahaka is one of the strongest opponents the Prince ever faced. The Dakaha's strength lies within his limitless power and strength, which makes him neigh-invincible.[1]

In terms of strength, The Dahaka's own outclasses the Prince and almost every Sand Creature he has ever encountered. His strength allows him to smash through walls with ease and throw the Prince across considerable distances.[1]

In addition to his strength, the Dahaka also posses great agility. He can leap and cover large distances during his pursuit of the Prince.[1] The Dahaka also possess considerable speed, and can teleport short distances while chasing the Prince.[1]

The Dahaka's only known weakness is water, a classical element. The Dahaka cannot pass through water without experiencing pain. The Water Sword is also the only weapon capable of breaking his supernatural defenses and even kill him.[1]


  1. As seen whenever the Prince is captured.


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