Warrior Within


Warrior Within begins with the Dahaka chasing the Prince through Babylon's streets. He corners him at the end of the alley and prepares to absorb him, however, why he never captures and kills him is never revealed within the narrative.[1]

You Cannot Change Your Fate


The Dahaka absorbs Kaileena

After reaching the entrance to the passage for the Throne Room, the Sand Wraith finds his doppelganger the Prince from the past once again. However, as he is aware of the Dahaka's attack, he lets his past self get captured by the monster, allowing him to take off the Mask of the Wraith.[1]

The Prince reaches the Empress of Time and tries to convince her to come with him to the present. Kaileena refuses and attacks him. The Prince then forces Kaileena to go into the present by pushing her in a portal. The Dahaka then makes his appearance, absorbing the Empress's dead body and taking the Medallion of Time, the last relic of the Sands of Time. The Dahaka then disappears, leaving the Prince to his own devices. The Prince is finally free of the Dahaka, but returns home to a war torn Babylon.[1]


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