Prince of Persia Weapons
Enchantress Sword
Enchantress Sword
Wielder Enchantress
Origin Echantress[1]
Weapon Stats
Damage 2/2[1]
Hit Points 8/8[1]
Special None[1]
Game Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

The Enchantress Sword is a secondary weapon used in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.

Official Description

"This ornate weapon is one of the few unbreakable swords available to the Prince. However, its high durability comes with a price: It is the least powerful of all swords."
—Official Description[1]


The Enchantress Sword is a secondary weapon used primarily by Enchantresses, women from Persia and India who were forced into slavery by the Vizier and fought alongside Mahasti, a Scythian warlord. While the Enchantress Swords have the advantage of being unbreakable, they are also the weakest secondary weapons that the player can use in combat. With no special abilities at its disposal, the Enchantress Sword may put the player at a disadvantage after a certain point in time.


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