Farah's appearance is largely uncharged throughout the Sands of Time Trilogy.[1] In The Sands of Time, Farah wore a functional two piece outfit that allowed her to maneuver difficult terrain in the same capacity as the Prince, albeit without his acrobatic skill.[1] She never seen without her bow and arrow. She is effectively protected against the Sands of Time by the Medallion of Time and later, the Dagger of Time when she attempts to seal the Hourglass of Time on her own.[1] In the revised timeline, Farah's attire is perhaps more befitting a princess; a white flowing gown that she slept in before she was awakened by the revised timeline and the Prince's entrance.[1]

In Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, Farah's appearance takes on a much harder look, a reflection of her time as a slave of the Vizier after he conquered India and overthrew her father's kingdom.[2] She wears an outfit identical to her previous attire in The Sands of Time, however, now she wears patches of armor on specific parts of her body for protection and knee-high sandals decorated with ornate designs. Her bow takes on a more ornate appearance, however, she is without the Medallion of Time as a result of the Prince's tampering with the timeline to avoid death at the hands of the Dahaka.[2]


Farah is a fairly independent young woman who, despite her circumstances both as a princess and a prisoner at different intervals of the trilogy, is able defend and look after herself at numerous times when separated from the Prince. In conjunction with his own experience as a maturing warrior, Farah's knowledge of the Sands of Time aids the Prince in his battles with the Sand Creatures.[1]

Throughout the trilogy, Farah is both a survivor and a victim. She is always affected in the changes of the timeline but manages to survive in every alteration. It was because she questioned the actions and choices of Prince every time they met that the Prince was able to come to a self-realization about his behavior and motivations for revenge.[2]


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