Fortress of Time
Fortress of Time
Physical Information
Location Island of Time
Political Information
Factions N/A
Historical information
Founded Unknown
Out-of-Universe Information
Appearances Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

The Fortress of Time is the stronghold of the Empress of Time, located on the Island of Time.


Long ago when the island was controlled by unknown villagers, the Empress of Time arrived at some point and enslaved the local villagers and used her Imperial Guards to coerce them into building the Fortress.[1]

Places of Interest in the Fortress

One of the towers is the Garden Tower. It is here that a complicated system of aqueducts was created, and water flowing from a high place of this tower controls one of the beams used to seal the Throne room. There are gardens of extraordinary beauty in this area of the fortress, which the Prince compares with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The second tower is the Mechanical Tower. There is a gargantuan clock mechanism located inside, which takes a great deal of effort and acrobatic skills to activate. Once active, this tower unseals one beam of the two locking the entrance to the Throne room. This Tower is populated by stronger enemies than those in the Garden tower, so it is perhaps better for the player to tackle this one after completing the Garden tower (because he'll get a stronger sword afterwards.)

The Central Hall is a huge vaulted chamber, where the Prince has the ability to move great pieces of rock, thus getting access to either of four directions (the two towers, the Throne room and the sacrificial chamber).

The Throne Room is the place where the Prince fights Kaileena, and also the place where the Sands are created. Four massive statues are placed two on each side. The throne, covered in a great red cloth, stands in the furthest end.

The Library lies above the prison, it is a vast repository of knowledge and the Prince remarks that he may have learnt a lot, if things with Kaileena had gone another way. It has relatively few traps but many enemies and the Prince will need to rely on the powers of the Sand to reach closing doors in time.

The Prison is a place where many unfortunate victims of the Empress have met their fate. It has many traps and powerful enemies that will tax the Prince's strength and ability, sometimes requiring the use of Sand powers to pass certain stages.

The Foundry lies below the prison and is full of a series of funnels transporting the hot liquid metal needed to forge the many cruel weapons used by those who serve the Empress. The Prince visits it only after being turned into the Wraith. It's a perilous place filled with traps so deadly that the rest of the palace seems tame.

The Catacombs is the place where the Prince flees from the Dahaka after killing Kaileena, and where he finds the mural containing information about the Mask of the Wraith.

There are also several portal rooms, which contain the Time Portals, teleporting the person entering them from present to past or vice-versa. To activate the portals, one has to press four switches in the correct order. The player gets the opportunity to navigate through this enormous castle both in the Present and in the Past, and observe the changes made by the passing of years.




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