Biographical Data
Relative(s) Kaileena (Creation)
Dahaka (Creation)
Current Status Alive
Professional Data
Powers Omnipotence, Magic
Out of Universe Data
Appearance(s) Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (Mentioned)

The Gods are the creators of time itself as well as the origin points for all things.[1]


When the Gods created the original timeline that once existed prior to its being tampered with by the Prince[2], Kaileena, was inadvertently created as a byproduct of the original timeline itself.

As a result, Kaileena held within her the power of time itself and created the Sands of Time.[1][3] As the Dahaka is the Guardian of the timeline[1], he may have also been created by the Gods to counteract errors created by the Sands of Time.


  • It is widely believed that the Gods are responsible for the creation of all things. The Prince refers to the Gods being the origin of all things magic as a "Politician's answer".[4]


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