Got Walkthrough?
Forgotten Sands Flame
Game The Forgotten Sands
UPlay N/A
Xbox 360 50G
Playstation 3 Gold

Got Walkthrough? is an achievement/trophy from Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.


"Find and break every sarcophagus."


(PS3 -> Xbox 360 controls translation: Triangle = Y, Cirlce = B, Cross = A, Square = X)

The Stables- The first sarcophagus is shown to you by the game in the stables, and acts a bit as a tutorial as to what sarcophagi are. To get there, wall run up any wall in which your back is facing the wooden board above you, jump out of the wall run to the board, jump to the stones, climb up and use the power attack (hold square) to break the sarcophagus.

The Fortress Courtyard- After killing four enemies up on a ledge you will continue into a tall room. In the room you will have to wall run across a pressure pad and can't miss the sarcophagus right under the pad. Drop down and use the power attack to break it.

The Fortress Courtyard- Shortly after facing your first charger, you will get to a part where The Prince with stop and look down at the courtyard and make a comment about the invaders retreating. Ahead of you, you will see a series of spike floors and spindles with spikes. Jump and roll over the spike floors until you get to the room with enemies. Kill them, and then proceed past just ONE more set of floor spikes. Edge yourself off of the ledge on the left and make your way right to the platform that the sarcophagus will be sitting on.

The Prison- In the prison, you start at the bottom of a big room. You have to get to the top of this one to move to another identical room. When you get to the top of the second room, there will be a pressure pad in front of a series of three floor spike strips and three wall arrow launchers. Once you roll under the door across that field, wall run on the wall on the right, climb the stone, wall run up to the ledge, wall run to another ledge, wall run to the swinging pole and swing twice more to get to your 4th sarcophagus.

The Sewer- A short way into the sewer, you will come to a spot where there are 3 water spouts in a row that go from thick to thin and between the second and third there will be a beam. Climb the first spout, jump to the beam, jump the second spout but do not move to the third yet. Shimmy to the top of the second spout and jump back towards the first and you will land on another beam above the first one you landed on. Now simply jump over to the platform you see holding the sarcophagus.

The Sewer- After you go through some circular rooms with mini puzzles in them you will come to a room in which you have to hang from a swing bar to release water and then use the water to get up to another ledge. On that ledge you use the crank to turn the water and get to the last ledge. After you do this you will go across a few beams to a fork in the road. Go straight and use your freeze ability to get across to the sarcophagus. Wait until the first stream is about to leave and freeze it and then as you jump make sure to release 'L2' and press it again as you are about to hit the second stream.

The Royal Chambers- After your run in with Ratash outside of the Royal Chambers, you will drop into a room full of enemies with beds on the floor. Clear the room and before progressing in the correct direction (you will see rotating spikes) head over to the other side of the room where you will see a water spout. Freeze the water, climb the spout, jump to one side, wall run across the pressure pad, jump back to the spout, jump to the other side, and wall run the pressure pad. This will open up a secret door containing another sarcophagus.

The Royal Chambers- After another run in with Ratash outside, you will come to a room with some enemies, a fountain in the middle, and waterfalls on both sides. Freeze the water, wall run up the right water fall, jump, swing across to the left water wall, wall run, jump, swing, and now as you are going through the air release 'L2' and you will land on a hidden ledge. Another sarcophagus will be here.

The Royal Chambers- After another run in with Ratash that we can only hope is the last you will run into some enemies followed by a big water wheel blocking your path. Before dealing with the wheel, wall run up to the ledge on your right, wall run to the stones, climb the stones, jump off the wall, swing across to the ledge, shimmy across the ledge, and drop down for another sarcophagus.

The Throne Room- As soon as the game tells you that you are in the Throne Room look immediately to your left opposite the stairs. There will be some rocks that you can wall run to and then climb. Climb these, wall run to the left, jump, freeze the water, and swing twice and you will land on a platform with another sarcophagus.

The Terrace- During this section, you will come to a part where you must jump to a banner and then slide down a bunch of them. At the bottom will be some enemies to kill. Once they are dead, do a series of wall runs on the wall to your immediate right and there will be a sarcophagus there.

The Rooftop Gardens- After platforming a bit in this section, a cutscene will show Malik fighting some enemies. After it is over, make your way over there and find the sarcophagus behind the tree.

The Rooftop Gardens- After some more platforming you will find yourself on an octagon shaped platform and a lot of enemies will spawn. Kill all of these enemies and when you are done, instead of using Power of Flight to jump across to where the enemy is throwing objects at you from, look to where you see a waterfall. Jump over to the ledge and wall run up through the waterfall. Climb up the wall behind it to find another sarcophagus.

The Aqueducts- After you see Malik again and he transforms you will drop down to a platform with a very large number of enemies. After defeating them, and before jumping to the vultures, go to the left side of the platform and use your freeze power to jump down and swing to the second water spout. Drop down from the second spout and look behind the waterfall for another sarcophagus.

The Ruins of Rekem- You will eventually get to a big open area when Razia will tell you some things, a battle will trigger, and then Razia will come back for a minute. After some platforming you will find yourself using your new power to swing from a regular pole, to two swing poles that you have to re-create separately, then to another regular hanging pole that you must re-create and finally to a wooden beam. You can now go left or right. After re-creating the ledge to the left, jump to it and go down the little hallway while re-creating a few beams and avoiding blades. The sarcophagus is at the end.

The Ruins of Rekem- After returning to the wooden beam from the last sarcophagus, go to the other side and you will have to jump to a banner and slide down. In front of you there will be a door and to the left you will see a railing. Drop down over the railing and press circle to drop down. Go through the water fall for another sarcophagus.

Rekem's Throne Room- When looking at the throne, turn left and climb the rocks. Now wall run to the re-created poll and continue until you get to the last wooden beam and it will be a regular beam. Jump to the wall, wall run up, jump off to the swing pole, turn around, and swing to the ledge. Re-create the wall to the left and wall run to it. Now wall run to the next solid platform. Wall run up twice until you are at the second ledge, wall run to the left, jump to the other ledge, shimmy to the right, drop to the lower ledge, re-create the platform below, drop to the platform, move into the middle of the platform and hit 'L1' again to make the re-created platform disappear. You will now be standing on a platform with another sarcophagus.

The Rekem Reservoir- After entering this area, you will have a bit of platforming to do. Eventually you will drop down on the ground and a third titan will spawn along with some enemies. Once they are dead, look to where there are two waterfalls. Jump through the one on the left, and then roll under the wall you see in front of you. You will now be in a small room with a sarcophagus.

The Rekem Reservoir- Right after the last sarcophagus you will need to do some platforming to get across the big gap in front of you. Once you land on the other side and see the lion statue, run to the left side and drop off the edge. Now, drop down to the rocks, climb down on the rocks, wall run to the ledge on the left, shimmy around this ledge, and drop down to a little platform with another sarcophagus.

Solomon's Vault- You will get to a point where you drop down a banner and trigger a cutscene in which Razia tells you that you are in Solomon's Hall. Once you leave the cutscene you will have some enemies to fight off. Once you are done fighting to enemies you must re-create a section in order to get a water pole flowing. Once, you do this wall run and jump up to the pole and follow the logical path from here until you are at the second level of the hall. After you fight more enemies you will find a pressure switch on the right hand side of the hall. Wall run to activate this, jump, freeze the two poles and swing off of both of them to the wall and wall run to the ledge. Now shimmy to the right, wall run to the right until you hit the pressure pad and immediately jump off the wall towards the door. You will need to use circle to roll under the closing door in time. This one may take a few tries. In the room is another sarcophagus.

The King's Tower- Once you get into The King's Tower, you will have a bit more platforming to do. Once you get to the SECOND set of vultures that you have to use to travel you will need to re-create a platform at the end. Once you are standing on this platform do not jump to the ledge above. Instead, jump to the left that is back and to the right. Now you will see another string of vultures that you can use to travel to your 21st and final sarcophagus. Break this one and the trophy will unlock.

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