Warrior Within


The griffon attacks the prince by swiping his talons and tail at him. Once some damage is dealt to it, it will start to fly around the platform and try to ram into the prince. This can be avoided by rolling out of the way. After that, standard melee attacks can be used against the Griffon.

The Griffon constantly beating of its wings creates strong winds, which can knock over or push back the player when they attempt to close ranks and deplete its life bar. Also used to its advantage is its tail and claws, which can stagger the player when they attempt to attack the Griffon from behind or ambush it from the side.

When it jumps, the Griffon can create powerful shock waves that can take a cut the Prince's life in half. This attack is especially crippling since you will be playing as the Sand Wraith. Despite the physical advantages the Griffon has against the player, they are a simple enough boss to beat, as the Griffon. The Griffon spends a majority of the battle merely circling the player, allowing them to attack at their leisure. Breath of Fate can be used to stun or ward off the Griffon. Cyclone of Fate is especially useful in depleting its lifebar.

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