Forgotten Sands Flame
Game The Forgotten Sands
UPlay N/A
Xbox 360 20G
Playstation 3 Silver

Invincible is an achievement/trophy from Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.


"Finish the final battle against Ratash without taking any damage."


While you play, I encourage you to level up Stone Armor to level four. If you do so this trophy is quite easy. When you first start the battle, try to take out the first wave of enemies without activating Stone Armor. Also try to evade his first set of attacks without using it. His first set of attacks involve a sweeping motion which you can avoid by rolling under his arm and a slam motion where you can also roll away. Both attacks are pretty easy to read. If you make it past this part without using Stone Armor, you should have plenty left to get you through the rest of the fight.

He will continue to send waves of enemies at you, attack you with the little rays and use his own attacks. He will add a double sweep and a double fisted slam to his own tricks. However, you should have enough energy now to just keep activating Stone Armor as soon as the other one runs out.

Keep attacking his medallion and if it takes you a few tries for this trophy, learn what attacks you are good at avoiding and save energy by not activating Stone Armor during those times. When his health is very low you will be able to jump to two vultures and trigger the ending cutscene.

If you do get hit you can load the last checkpoint and if you accidentally defeat him after taking a hit you can skip the credits and select continue from the main menu which will bring you right back to the final battle.

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