Prior to transformation, Klompa was a fat, bare-chested man with a bald head in a flat leather mask. Following his transformation by the Sands of Time, Klompa increases in size and strength. Ravaged by the Sands, he was transformed into a grotesque creature magnified his worst instincts. Face masked, jaw smashed, crooked teeth bared, and in this hideous state grown to enormous size. A thick bloody tongue hung where his jaw should've been. Over a dozen arrows stuck out of his back.


Little is every actually expressed or exhibited by Klompa before he is transformed by the Sands of Time. According to the strategy guide for the The Two Thrones, Klompa was a short tempered man who attacked or harmed anyone who questioned his orders or actions.[1] Many never challenged his rule as head of the house because of it. What he lacked in manners he made up for in prowess in combat, where most of his respect was gained.[1] As a Sand Creature, the Scythian warrior is a seemingly mindless beast easily entertained by the weapon in in his hand, but no less easily enraged as he was when he was human. He maintains little to no aspects of intelligence.[2]


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