Prince of Persia Object
Lion Sword
Lion Sword
First appearance
First Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
Last Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
Wielder Prince

Lion Sword is the fifth main weapon in Warrior Within.


This sword gives the Prince the ability to store up energy, and then unleash a more devastating attack. When enemies are hit by these charged attacks, if not dead, are knocked down, leaving them vulnerable.

It was given to the Prince by Kaileena (after activating either the Garden Tower or The Mechanical Tower) and is the sword he fights her with for the first time in the game. Kaileena cursed this sword in order to prevent the Prince from activating the Towers. Ultimately, the sword is broken after the Prince's battle with Kaileena, forcing him to seek out a new weapon.


  • In various pieces of concept art, the Prince is shown wielding the Lion Sword and Eagle Sword at the same time, but this doesn't happen in the game.