Prince of Persia Weapons
Elika healing a fertile ground
Wielder Elika, Zal, Ancestor, Concubine, Ancestor, Ormazd, Ahriman
Origin Ormazd & Ahriman
Weapon Stats
Game Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia: The Fallen King

Magic is a powerful kind of energy bestowed from Ahriman and Ormazd to others.[1]

Types of Magic

Powers of Ormazd

Main article: Powers of Ormazd

The Powers of Ormazd, also referred to as simply Ormazd's Magic, is the magical power that is wielded by the God of Light, Ormazd. In addition to various abilities, he has created magical, power plates that can be used by those granted his powers.[1]

Hand of Ormazd

Breath of Ormazd

Steps of Ormazd

Wings of Ormazd

Other kinds of Ormazd Magic

  • Elika's Magic: Granted to her by Ormazd, Elika can employ several kinds of other magics as well as use the Power Plates in which have been placed by Ormazd himself.
  • Zal's Kingdom Magic/Zal's Magic: The Magic employed by both Zal and the people of the City of the New Dawn include the fabled capability of summoning Ormazd himself. Other spells and abilities include the ability to fire balls of light, telekinesis, and levitation.[2]




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