The Magus is shown to have an incredibly strong will, able to fight off the influence and corruption of Ahriman, a feat that was previously thought to be impossible. And not only that, but he is also continue to fight Ahriman.[1]

The Magus is also very wise and knowledgeable, explaining to the Prince on the magical occurrences and events that take place during their journey and knowledgeable in seals.[1]


The Magus is a powerful user of magic, so much so he was able to defeat The Beast with apparent ease on his own and despite not wanting to fight the Prince, easily swatted him aside. He seems to employ some of the magic Elika uses. However, unlike her own magic, The Magus also employs the magic from Ahriman's Corruption and is able to manipulate it. [1]

He has shown the ability of achieving levitation[1], telekinesis[1], creates shields to protect the Prince[1], and shoot out magical white-blue orbs that can interact with the environment and push others though it seems to do little to no damage.[2]

Unlike many other magicians seen in the Prince of Persia Reboot Series, Ahriman can manipulate corruption. He has been able to manipulate globules of corruption to kill his enemies, use corruption to grapple him and the Prince, freeze corruption that comes in the form of fire or elastic globules of it for a certain time, and teleport between 2 corruption portals. He also is able to eventually fuse with the Prince.[1]

Like all those corrupted, he has the added ability to freely pass through corruption without any adverse effects.[1]


Despite having a strong will, in The Fallen King, there's various times in which the Magus transforms into a darker version of himself due to Ahriman's influence and requires the Prince to battle him to get him back to his senses.[1]

It can also be assumed that like many of the corrupted, that the Magus himself is vulnerable to the type of magic Elika employs. However, this may not be true due to the fact he does employ some similar magic to Elika without any negative effects.


  • The Magus replaces the magical companion role filled by Elika in the Fallen King


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