The Maharajah never physically appears in The Sands of Time Trilogy until Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.[1] In the semi-transparent flashback accounting his time on the Island of Time, the Maharajah is younger than he assumed age in The Sands of Time and The Two Thrones.


The Maharajah was an ambitious man who sought out the powers of the Artifacts of Time. As he experienced the powers of the Sands of Time and its artifacts firsthand, the Maharajah was wise enough to keep the Hourglass and its Dagger concealed inside his treasure vault and never utilize its powers after experiencing the abilities of the Mask of the Wraith.[1]

His daughter, Farah, mentioned that her father was just, and would be willing to hear out the Prince's story out in an attempt to be a fair ruler.[2] The Maharajah's actions on the Island of Time, memorizing his fallen men during the attempt to claim the Artifacts of Time, at the very least illustrate that he does not take the death of those who protect and fight alongside with him lightly.


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