Mahasti seems to be one of the Vizier's most skilled generals out of the ones seen within The Two Thrones. She is proficient in the use of 2 jagged twin swords and has been seen able to battle and hold her own with the likes of The Prince. In addition to swords, she is also proficient in wielding the Daggertail, extremely proficient in stealth[1], and skilled in unarmed combat, seen as she incorporates kicks in her combos.[1]


The Sands of Time had a noticeably less considerable toll on Mahasti, granting her powerful abilities. Like her ghastly companion Klompa, one of the new powers she gained after being corrupted is inhuman strength. At once, she is capable of lashing out a powerful kick that can cause an opponent to skid at a distance as well as have the capacity to overpower the strength of someone as accomplished as the Prince.[1] In addition to inhuman strength, she's also endowed with inhuman agility, able to leap large distances and move quickly.[1]


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