The Two Thrones


A strategy similar to Crow Master can be used on Mahasti. As is grabbing her, staying a safe distance from her is the safest strategy, whilst bouncing off of walls into her for an attack that lets you out of her range before she counters, as she sometimes defends against the attacks. Another option is to jump over her, and then use the dagger to slice at her, then repeat. If she starts overpowering you, block, and run away. Be wary of her powerful kicks, which can shoot you off the block the two of you are fighting on.

As the Dark Prince, the battle becomes less linear, and takes up more of the battlefield. The easiest - and probably the only - way to kill her is to use the Sands of Time to slow time down, and hit her before she leaps away from you using the Daggertail.

Once she lands on the other side of the battlefield, there be an Illusions on your way to her, letting you regenerate health and sands. Be wary, as not only the Illusions but also Mahasti will throw knives at you, so be careful not to get hit while jumping or wall-running or you will fall to your death. When her life bar is really low attack her only with the Dagger of Time. Keep up your onslaught until Mahasti is defeated.