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Malik's abilities allow him to fight opponents larger then hisself.

Malik is shown to be a highly skilled swordsman in combat. Having trained his brother, the Prince, he himself has great prowess. He's shown to be the most skilled warrior on the battlefield when the Prince arrived in Solomon's Kingdom, taking out multiple hostiles around him with apparent ease.[1] He also help his own with the Djinn, Ratash.[1]

In addition, he's physically in keep. Though it may be attribute to the seal he wore, he has shown the ability to jump distance just as high as the Prince himself and has excellent reflexes though lacks much of his grace.[1] He seems to also be physically stronger then his brother.[1]

Malik was known to be a great leader, commanding his army and holding his kingdom for over a year. The Prince even comments on this. He was the reason why the Prince visited Malik's kingdom in The Forgotten Sands, due to the people around the Prince thinking he has no battle experience. However, he is shown to be stubborn, a fatal flaw that costed his life.[1]


The Forgotten Sands (PS3, XBox 360, PC)


Malik is possessed by Ratash after his piece of the seal is shattered.

Despite his peak human strength and prowess in battle, like the Prince, Malik naturally possess no super powers in The Forgotten Sands. When he gains possession of the other half of the seal, Malik is strengthened by the power of the Sand Army created by Ratash.

As he was not privy to the knowledge imparted to the Prince by Razia, Malik is none the wiser to the manipulative powers of the Sand Army, even when the Prince attempts to explain the Army's true power to him. His emotions are instead manipulated to the point distrust in his brother. When Malik becomes possessed by Ratash, his physical body is transformed by the Ifrit's power and the continued absorption of the Sand Army, but Malik himself never gains this ability outside of possession.[1]

The Forgotten Sands (Mobile)

In the mobile phone version of The Forgotten Sands, Malik is capable at using magic. He is able to shoot fireballs at his opponents.[2]


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