Malik Pondering

Malik's appearance

Malik is an handsome middle aged individual who has a light-brown complexion and light blue eyes with a beard, mustache, and sideburns. Where his brother, the Prince is lithe with an athletic build, Malik is broader in appearance, and relies predominantly on brute strength in combat.

In the The Forgotten Sands, Malik wears a ornate gold and blue tunic and armor with a space for a Medallion (where the seal eventually resides) on the lower half of the armor; along with brown leather gauntlets and gloves. He also has a golden mask in which he wears during battle. Under his armor lies what seems to be a white shirt.


Unlike his younger brother, Malik is more stern and serious than the Prince. However, even as an adult, Malik still enjoys teasing his younger brother and bantering with him. According to the Prince, he is very caring of his people and so much so he was willing to use powers he does not understand to save his people and win the day. He is also protective of his younger sibling and is considered wise.

However, despite his greatness, Malik is stubborn and was unwilling to listen to his brother, who he deemed inexperienced. It was this flaw that later cost him his life. As he lay dying, however, he apologized to the Prince. Before passing, he told him that he would make as fine a leader as King Solomon himself.[1]

As he gained power from slaying the Sand Monsters, he began to become mad with said power, and believed his brother sought the power for himself. This led to him losing trust in his brother, which escalated to him threatening to kill his brother for treason if he did not leave the city when the Prince tried to take Malik's half of the amulet to reseal Solomon's Army.


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