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  • Hi I'm an author and am self publishing a fiction book. I hope you are the person I need to ask. I saw your sword called the Kings Sword. It is the perfect match to the description of the magical sword in my book. I want to know if I can get your permission to use a picture of this sword on the cover of my book. Are you the owner of this picture? I just want to avoid any kind of copyright issues in the process to creating my book. Thank you Diane.

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    • The image of the King's Sword is property of Ubisoft Montreal, the Prince of Persia Wiki is not affiliated with Ubisoft, we're non-profit fansite, so you can use the image, but if you want to show up on any official publication you better get Ubisoft Montreal's permission.

      Also, you'd be wise to remove your e-mail from this post.

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    • Ditto on what Lily Ford said. For safety reasons, I removed the email myself since it's been 6 days and it wasn't removed immediately.

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