Princess Nasreen released from the Haoma
Biographical Data
Gender Female
Origin India
Species Human
Relative(s) The Beast (father)
Current Status Alive
Professional Data
Occupation Princess of Izdihar
Affiliation(s) Izdihar
Out of Universe Data
Appearance(s) The Forgotten Sands (Wii)

Nasreen was the princess of the kingdom of Izdihar.


Main article: Sorceress

Princess Nasreen was corrupted by the Haoma and transformed into the Sorceress. She was eventually released from the corruption by the Prince. The Haoma managed to grab hold of Nasreen again, and Prince struggled to keep hold of her, and Nasreen wanted Prince to let her go, since she was the one who brought ruin to her kingdom. Zahra was worried that if Nasreen is to die, the royal family of Izdihar would be no more. Zahra then jumped into the Prince and granted Nasreen her immortal spirit through a kiss. Nasreen was surging with blue light, and then fell into the sand.[1]

After Prince has escaped the sinking of Izdihar, Nasreen narrates how they were torn apart by fate, and someday she will meet her Prince once again.[2]


Forgotten Sands Flame An image gallery is available for


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