No longer human
Forgotten Sands Flame
Game The Forgotten Sands
UPlay N/A
Xbox 360 50G
Playstation 3 Silver

No longer human is an achievement/trophy in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.


"Suffered defeat at Malik's hands."


After following Malik for a little while in the Aqueducts, you will see him transform into what is essentially a version of Ratash. Keep platforming and you will come to some castle guards that are still alive. They don't stay that way for long. Malik kills them and then comes after you. Much like when you faced him in the throne room it is just a matter of attacking at his legs and then rolling between his legs when he attacks. When you goes into the air, run behind the pillars on the platform because there is no other way to defend against his next move. Half way through, he will knock you down and make you platform back up. After you take away about a quarter more health, he will defeat you and you will fall down and the trophy will pop up.

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