As the God of Light, Ormazd holds extreme power and is one of the main sources of Magic within the universe. His signature magic, called the "Powers of Ormazd", is a powerful one capable of different skills that pertains to the purification and combating of Ahriman's own power, Corruption.[1] He can bestow his own magic onto others such as those within the City of the New Dawn, whom were also reputed to be given the power to summon him at a time of need.[2] Among his other skills includes the creation of his Power Plates peppered around the City of Light, in which allows his own people to utilize their magical properties.[1]

His power enabled him to fight countless Soldiers of Ahriman and strike down a great many as well as seal the Corrupted and Ahriman with the last of his power to the Tree of Life, his power having been spent due to the taxing action of fighting Ahriman's growing influence and Corruption.[1]


Ormazd was a capable trickster, having managed to somehow trick his brother in which allowed him to seal him to the Tree of Life.[1]


Although a powerful god in his own right, even Ormazd's power is limited. His magical power was spent fighting off the Soldiers of Ahriman, the Corrupted, and Ahriman himself. Due to the nature of Corruption in which each follower empowers Ahriman, Ormazd was later drained of his power completely and later disappeared into the cosmos as a result, with remnants of it existing within civilizations like the Ahura and Zal's Kingdom.[1]


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