The Prince drinks the potion of invisibility in Prince of Persia 3D.

Potions are a magical elixir in Prince of Persia, Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame and Prince of Persia 3D.


The Prince has four potions: Health potions, life extending potions, slow fall potions, and poison. There quite a few more potions are added along in the Prince's journey.


List of Potions

  • Soma's Tisane (Blue): Drinking this potion can restore anywhere between one and three life bottles. It's not random, though. If the player drinks a blue potion that restores two life bottles, that potion in that spot will always restore two life bottles.
  • Dahaka's Blood (Yellow): This potion reportedly increases the Prince's strength and ferocity in battle.
  • Rendalim's Elixir (Purple): They say in the manual that this one is Malak's Tears. I think it's the next one, personally. Drinking this lovely lavender potion will fully restore the Prince's health.
  • Malak's Tears (Red): Drinking this potion will make the Prince immune to all arrow attacks for a limited time.
  • Gaokerena's Sap (Green): Get this potion whenever you see it. Drinking this potion will refill all the Prince's life bottles and as an added bonus, will add an extra bottle onto your health meter.[1]
  • Ahriman's Oil (Gray): This sludge will render the Prince invisible to your enemies. The Prince can attack an enemy at any time, they won't fight back.
  • Phoenix's Breath (Orange): Drinking this potion will give the Prince the ability to jump higher and longer.
  • Chameleon's Bile (Brown): Drinking this will allow the Prince to assume the form of an enemy in the area. He won't be attacked as a result.
  • Pegasus' Vintage (White): This potion will allow the Prince to fall downward at a much slower rate.
  • Poison (Light Blue/Green): This potion will decrease the Prince's health by one. Be careful and learn the differences between it and Gaokerena's Sap (health).


  1. Important: Although very helpful, green potions are not at all required to complete the game. Smart combat and watching for traps will allow the Prince to save his bottles and stay alive, so don't panic if you can't find green potions.


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