The Prince is physically extraordinary trained and is a peak-level athlete. His speed, strength and reflexes allow him to perform incredible physical feats, some of which even seem impossible like reaching the a high cliff by jumping up between two walls or running along a wall, though only for a short distance of several meters.

The Prince has shown great skill in his agility throughout the events of Prince of Persia, able to run on walls and jump incredible distances for a human. He also incorporates his agility in Sword fighting. The Prince's reflexes are sharp, and aid him through his use of his sword in combat. The Prince has displayed a mastery of his long sword, defeating powerful monsters of Ahriman alongside with Elika with his skill.

While his thieving skills have never been seen onscreen, he is portrayed as a thief and probably is skill in the art of thieving. The Prince has not only shown skill in using a sword, but also his gauntlet. He even uses it to aid him in wall running and climbing. Despite his superhuman-like agility, the Prince naturally possesses no powers.


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