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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Original Game Soundtrack)
The Forgotten Sands Soundtrack
Released  May 18, 2010(NA)
Length  00:45:19
Label  Ubisoft Music
Producer  Steve Jablonsky
Penka Kouneva
Soundtracks Chronology
Previous Soundtrack: Prince of Persia: The Official Trilogy Soundtrack

Next Soundtrack: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Wii Soundtrack)

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Original Game Soundtrack) is the official soundtrack for the game of the same name, composed by Steve Jablonsky and Penka Kouneva. It is the first soundtrack in the Sands of Time Trilogy not composed by Stuart Chatwood. It was released as a digital download May 18, 2010[1][2].


  1. Forgotten Sands (Main Theme) (02:31)
  2. The Prince Arrives (02:44)
  3. Storm The Fortress (01:10)
  4. Family Welcome (01:10)
  5. The Release Of The Sand Army (03:55)
  6. The Army Barracks * (03:13)
  7. Give Me The Medallion (00:51)
  8. Treason (01:02)
  9. The Baths * (03:01)
  10. Chase Through The Royal Chambers (02:05)
  11. David And Goliath (00:30)
  12. Climbing The Throne Room (01:08)
  13. Fighting Ratash (01:07)
  14. Malik Ends The Fight (00:51)
  15. The Terrace (00:30)
  16. The Sand Is Rising * (03:07)
  17. Malik's Transformation (01:25)
  18. A Losing Battle (02:08)
  19. The Tower Breaks (00:44)
  20. The City Of Rekem * (03:03)
  21. Enemies Of The Djinn * (03:04)
  22. The Demon In The Sand (00:58)
  23. Through The Storm (01:38)
  24. The Last Stand (01:38)
  25. Final Words (01:46)
* = composed by Penka Kouneva


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