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This article is about the official soundtrack for the 2003 game. You may be looking for the score for the 2010 film.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Soundtrack)
Sands of Time Soundtrack
Released  October 20, 2004(JP)[1]
November 3, 2003(NA)
Length  00:49:39
Label  Ubisoft
Producer  Stuart Chatwood
Soundtracks Chronology
Previous Soundtrack: N/A

Next Soundtrack: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (Soundtrack)

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Original Soundtrack) is the official soundtrack of the game of the same name. Composed by Stuart Chatwood, The Sands of Time features background vocals by Maryem Tollar. "Time Only Knows" was performed by Cindy Gomez. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was released in North America, November 3, 2003 and later in Japan, October 24, 2004.



The music for The Sands of Time was composed by Stuart Chatwood of the Canadian rock band The Tea Party.[2][3] Chatwood was chosen for the role as Ubisoft wanted music that had Persian elements in it to fit the setting, while not being not pure Persian music.

When he was approached, Chatwood expanded his music library as part of his research. To achieve the desired effect, rock elements were mixed with Middle Eastern music and melodies, along with Indian elements. Chatwood used different instruments, including an Indian tabla and strings, along with vocal tracks by Cindy Gomez and Maryem Tollar.[2][3]


# Title Composer Length
1 "Welcome to Persia" Stuart Chatwood 1:02
2 "Introducing the Prince" Stuart Chatwood 1:39
3 "Call to Arms" Stuart Chatwood 0:39
4 "Prelude Fight" Stuart Chatwood 1:34
5 "A Dagger Is Found" Stuart Chatwood 0:36
6 "A Princess is Stolen" Stuart Chatwood 1:08
7 "Behold the Sands of Time" Stuart Chatwood 2:45
8 "Start Running" Stuart Chatwood 0:28
9 "Discover the Royal Chambers" Stuart Chatwood 1:57
10 "Dreamtime" Stuart Chatwood 0:41
11 "A Question of Trust" Stuart Chatwood 0:52
12 "Father Is That You?" Stuart Chatwood 0:31
13 "Attack of the Sand Griffins" Stuart Chatwood 1:15
14 "Don't Enter the Light" Stuart Chatwood 2:02
15 "Enter the Royal Palace" Stuart Chatwood 1:26
16 "A Long Way Up" Stuart Chatwood 1:04
17 "A Vision" Stuart Chatwood 0:07
18 "Royal Baths" Stuart Chatwood 1:45
19 "A Bad Dream" Stuart Chatwood 0:58
20 "Chaos in the Zoo" Stuart Chatwood 1:44
21 "Lost in the Crypts" Stuart Chatwood 1:47
22 "Farah Enlightens the Prince" Stuart Chatwood 2:29
23 "A Brief Oasis" Stuart Chatwood 0:59
24 "Awake" Stuart Chatwood 0:36
25 "Trouble in the Barracks" Stuart Chatwood 1:47
26 "The Library" Stuart Chatwood 1:42
27 "The Prince Hesistates..." Stuart Chatwood 1:08
28 "Tower of Dawn" Stuart Chatwood 1:34
29 "Farah Perishes" Stuart Chatwood 1:10
30 "At What Cost" Stuart Chatwood 0:22
31 "Reverse the Sands of Time" Stuart Chatwood 3:03
32 "The Battle Begins" Stuart Chatwood 0:17
33 "The Vizier Must Die" Stuart Chatwood 0:59
34 "Finish the Vizier" Stuart Chatwood 0:43
35 "Farewell Princess" Stuart Chatwood 3:08
36 "Time Only Knows" Stuart Chatwood
Cindy Gomez
Maryem Tollar


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