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Prince of Persia 3D
Prince of Persia 3D Coverart
Developer(s)Red Orb Entertainment[1],
Avalanche Software[1]
Publisher(s)Red Orb Entertainment,
SeriesOriginal Trilogy

Prince of Persia 3D (also known as Prince of Persia: Arabian Nights), developed by Red Orb Entertainment and published by The Learning Company for the PC, is the third game in the original Prince of Persia series. The game debuted in August 31, 1999, five years after Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame. It was the first Prince of Persia game to utilize 3D graphics in its gameplay and voice acting in some cinematics.


Prince of Persia 3D starts with a belly dance; the Prince and his father-in-law, the Sultan have been invited by Assan, the brother of the Prince's father-in-law. The dance ends with the belly dancer killing the Sultan's personal bodyguards and the Prince himself being imprisoned in Assan's dungeons. The Princess was also captured. Apparently, her father, the Sultan, had promised long ago that she would be given away in marriage to Assan's son, Rugnor and therefore Assan wanted to keep his brother to his promise.

The Prince, after fleeing from his cell, had to find a sword. Then he tried to make his way to the Sultan and the Princess. This got him to the Ivory Tower where he found a bow. He then went to a Cistern. When the Prince finally managed to get into the palace, he killed the belly dancer and he got to Assan's personal rooms where he found Assan and Sultan. Assan, while attempting to kill the Prince, killed the Sultan.

The Prince has to escape from the dungeons and chase Rugnor, as he carries the Princess away. The Prince pursues them through the poverty struck city, finding them boarding a dirigible. The prince climbed to machine, only for it to be struck by lightning. The Princess is flown away by Rugnor on a flying beast, while the Prince falls. He ends up stuck in some sort of limbo world. He eventually finds a flying beast, which takes him to Rugnor's home. The Prince climbs the mountain to get to the palace. He makes his way through the temples throughout the palace.

In the final level, Rugnor sets a huge piece of machinery, a mechanical Gear as big as a room, to which he ties the Princess up. The Prince has a small window of time to fight and defeat Rugnor. The Prince slays Rugnor, and rescues the Princess, flying away in the opposite direction of Persia with the flying beast.



The game was released by Red Orb Entertainment, which was hived off from Broderbund. However, due to financial difficulties, Red Orb was forced to release the game before it had gone through the bug detection and correction stage. Moreover, it was sold and re-sold, first to Mattel, then to The Learning Company. [2][3]

System Ports

In 2000, a Dreamcast port, using the name Prince of Persia: Arabian Nights, was developed by Avalanche Software and published by Mattel Interactive; the latter purchased both Red Orb Entertainment and The Learning Company. Many of the control flaws from the original PC version were corrected and other notable bugs were fixed, improving the gameplay of this port, although it still suffers the same camera problems. This version was only released in North America.




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