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Ratash Character Render
Ratash as he appears in The Forgotten Sands
Personal Data
Species Djinn (Ifrit)
Item(s)/Weapon(s) Sword
Occupation Leader of the Sand Army
Appearance(s) The Forgotten Sands

"For ages I've been trapped here, counting hours like the Sands of Time. I've waited patiently, knowing destiny would set me free. I am stronger than a sandstorm, more powerful than you can possibly imagine. What man could stop me?"

Ratash was an Ifrit and former ally of Razia. He serves as the main antagonist in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.


A Lord among the Djinn in the time of King Solomon, Ratash rebelled against the pact between Djinn and Humans. He used his Djinn magic to create an army out of the desert sand, which quickly grew beyond his control. King Solomon and the leaders of the Djinn worked together to imprison Ratash and his army. Now that he has escaped, he is sending his army against humanity again.

An Ifrit can´t be killed by an ordinary weapon. His soul can be only divided from the former body as Prince did when fighting Ratash for the first time with Malik. However, Ratash´s soul will find another physical body after his former one was destroyed and will fully control the mind of the person he will reincarnate into. This happened to Malik when he was trying to attack the stunned Ifrit from behind and all the demonic powers of Ratash were transferred into Malik.

Ratash transformed Malik's body into a new body that later gained a gigantic form after being fueled by a sandstorm which had come over the city, and gained the power of forming thousands of Sand Warriors from the grains of sand.

His powers were so strong that the Prince was unable to use the powers Razia granted him. The only way Ratash could be killed was by using a Djinn sword from the underground Djinn city that Razia had protected for a thousand years and by placing Razia´s body into this sword so it could be as strong as a Djinn itself. After the Ifrit is killed by the Prince, his powers over the body he transformed into disappeared; however, Malik died after gaining his true mind.


Ratash assumes 3 different forms during the game:

First FormEdit


In his first form, Ratash is a very, massive, humanoid like beast with red skin and horns. He can summon enemies (other monsters, and soldiers from the sand army) and cast fireballs. He also uses his huge sword to kill his enemies.

Second FormEdit


After taking control of Malik's body, Ratash becomes a hybrid between his first form and Malik physical appearance. His power and abilities are similar to the ones of the first form but he relies on the power of his own army to fuel his power. If he absorbs enough sand his strength grows and is exerted in an shockwave that destroys all in its path. As his abilities grow, so does his body and his weapons.

Third FormEdit


In the third and final form, Ratash becomes an enormous beast comprised of the sands of his army within the sandstorm created by his growing strength. He finally resemble more of his original and second form by proxy of his possession of Malik's body. He can fly and shoot energy beams from his mouth. He uses his claws to attack the Prince and can summon other enemies to fight for him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Master Magician: Ratash is the most powerful magician seen in The Forgotten Sands. As part of the Djinn and a Ifrit, he holds great power over the elements, particularly fire. He has been seen destroying the buildings of Rekem with relative ease and has cast powerful spells that can kill most with one hit. He was also responsible for creating a power army made out of sand. His power outmatches the likes of Razia. He's possibly the most powerful magic character seen in the Sands of Time Canon Timeline.
  • Elemental Control: As a Djin and Ifirt, he seems to have control over Fire the most. It is unknown if he, like Razia, is able to control all the elements to a degree.
    • Pyrokenisis
  • Time Manipulation
  • Power Distribution
  • Petrification: In a couple of instances. Ratash has displayed the ability to turn others into Sand Statues.
  • Mind Transferring: After being defeated by Malik, he transferred his mind and power into him, taking him over and gaining more power by doing so.
  • Magical Interference: His Magic was powerful enough to interfere with Razia's powers that she bestowed onto the Prince. Even his army had an effect of her personally, as she was forced into leaving whenever they made appearance around her and the Prince as she physically journeyed with him.
  • Precognation
  • Clairvoyance
  • Immortality: It has been mention by Razia that Ratash is invincible and that most conventional and advanced weaponry cannot kill him, though injury is possible. Only magic from a Djinn can truly kill him.
  • Flight


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