The Forgotten Sands

In addition to her own magic, Razia can bestow various abilities to others.[1] She bestowed various abilities to the Prince throughout The Forgotten Sands in an effort to help the Prince combat Ratash and his army, even the ability to rewind time. However, it can be inferred that Ratash's magic is stronger then her own, as his it was able to interfere with her own abilities.

Razia has the ability to give others various powers and abilities. In many of her conversations with the Prince, she displayed levitation. In one instance, as the Prince left, she disappeared and reappeared in front of him, displaying teleportation. She has the ability to return things to what they once was. She displays this helping the Prince navigate through the Ruins of Rekem.

Razia is also very intelligent. On account of her longevity, she is familiar with the history surrounding the Solomon's kingdom, his palace and has an astounding knowledge concerning both. She's also immensely knowledgeable in various supernatural occurrences and explain much of the phenomenons she witnessed with the Prince.[1]

The Forgotten Sands (NDS)

Though the Cult stole the majority of her powers, Razia's sands are able to corrupt others and give them power. However, all those corrupted by her sands seem to still retain their free will.[2]

One of the powers she still possess is the ability to rewind and even has the added ability to slow down time.[2] She bestows this power to the Prince during their fight against the Cult. She also retains some of restoration powers, as she was able to restore the Prince's memory as they defeated members of the cult who stripped most of her magic.[2]


The Forgotten Sands

Main article: Powers of the Djinn

Razia is a Djinn, a god-like entity in the Prince of Persia Universe. Razia has lived for thousands of years due to her nature and is likely immortal. However, under specific circumstances she can die, as she seemingly perished after Ratash was killed. According to Razia, only the magic of a Djinn can kill another Djinn.[1][3]

Razia has the ability to control the four Elements, Wind, Earth, Fire, and Air. However, she is more proficient in controlling Water, which is her native element. Her power is immense. She was able to transform her body into water, control water itself, and even manipulate the temperature of water and freeze it. She also has restorative magical abilities, recreating objects that were once there but either destroy or changed dramatically. She is even able to teleport.[1]

The Forgotten Sands (NDS)

After the battle with Ratash, the nature of Razia's magic over time appeared to change. This may be because on of her death after merging with the Djinn Sword. Nevertheless, her powers appeared to become more Sand-based.[4]

When the Prince was captured, a ceremony performed robbed Razia of a majority of her abilities; she did, however, retain minor abilities, such as the ability to manifest a non-corporeal form, the restoration of ruins and levitation. Despite being a spirit, Razia was still able to manifest herself out of the sword, though her appearance has changed and had adopted a more Sand-like color to her body.[2] Though Razia purported that only the power of another Djinn would be able to kill her, the Prince's battle against the final cult member, using her stolen abilities in Babylon resulted in her death.[2] The sword that housed her was destroyed, dissolving after the battle.


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