The Forgotten Sands


As a Djinn, Razia possessed longevity beyond that of a human, and lived for thousands of years. On account of her longevity, Razia is wise beyond her perceived years and familiar with the history surrounding the Solomon's kingdom, his palace. She had an extensive knowledge concerning both as she was once an active participant in era of Solomon's rule.[1]

Razia can pass on the ability to manipulate the classical elements, and the ability to manipulate time.[1] With her magic, Razia has the ability to return things to what they once was using the her memories. Razia also displayed the ability to levitate, and she teleport between fair distances.


As Razia can pass on the ability to control the classical elements, she can also use them. As one of the Marid, she primary power was the manipulation of water, her native element. Razia could transform her body into liquid form, and manipulate the temperature of the water to a point where she could transform it into ice.[1]

Razia's power comes with limits. While the power of another Djinn can typically counter another, Ratash's magic is stronger then her own. As a result, whenever the Sand Army was near, she could not act against them, nor physically remain the area until Ratash's influence was removed.[1] According to Razia, only the magic of a fellow Djinn can kill another.[1][note 1] The act killing a Djinn with another's power, however, appeares to kill not one, but both Djinn.

The Forgotten Sands (DS)


Despite lacking her full strength, Razia was able to manifest a non-corporeal form, and levitate, but she could not teleport. Razia was also able to pass on the ability to manipulate time[2], and restored the Prince's memory.[2]


When taken from her, and used for nefarious reasons, Razia's powers appeared able to transform others and give them abilities through the influence of the Master, the leader of the cult. Others that the Master influenced using her powers appeared able to retain their free will and were unlike that of Sand Creatures.[2]

While limited, Razia's power could manipulate sand, a classical element.[note 2] The restoration her powers seemingly ended her life after the fight and subsequent defeat of the Master.[2]


  1. Razia: "To destroy what one Djinn has created requires the magic of another."
  2. Razia: "Sand. The third element worshiped by the gods. It represented the land beneath their feet and the borders of their Kingdom. And as grains through an hourglass, it also stood for time."


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