Prince of Persia Weapons
Reptus Axe
Reptus Axe
Wielder Dark Reptus
Origin Dark Reptus[1]
Weapon Stats
Damage 5/5[1]
Hit Points 2/2[1]
Special None[1]
Game Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

The Reptus Axe is a secondary weapon used in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.

Official Description

"This exotic-looking axe is capable of knocking a foe off his feet with a hit. Use it sparingly, though; it won't be long before it breaks."
—Official Description[1]


The Reptus Axe is a secondary weapon used primarily by the Dark Reptus enemy type, lepers and social outcasts that were experimented on by the Vizier following his transformation into Zurvan. The primary advantage of the Reptus Axe is its ability to knock enemies down in one hit. However, it is the weakest secondary weapon after the Sand Gate Guard Sword.


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