Artwork of Rugnor
Biographical Data
Gender Male
Species Tiger-human hybrid
Relative(s) Assan (father), Sultan (uncle), Princess (cousin), Prince (cousin-in-law)
Current Status Dead
Professional Data
Item(s)/Weapon(s) Sword
Out of Universe Data
Appearance(s) Prince of Persia 3D

Rugnor is the son of King Assan, and prince of a distant and unnamed land. He is the main antagonist in Prince of Persia 3D.


Rugnor is an interesting creature: half man and half tiger, he is ruthless, cruel to the teeth (which are characteristically intimidating) and covets the Princess. He is also very powerful and a master Swordsman as well. The Prince has to escape from the dungeons and chase Rugnor, as he carries the Princess away. The Prince has to fight his way through several levels including the unique Dirigible levels.

In the final level, Rugnor sets a huge piece of machinery, a mechanical Gear as big as a room, to which he ties the Princess up. The Prince has a small window of time to fight and defeat Rugnor. The Prince slays Rugnor, and rescues the Princess.


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