Sand Nemesis
Forgotten Sands Flame
Game The Forgotten Sands
UPlay N/A
Xbox 360 30G
Playstation 3 Bronze

Sand Nemesis (Achievement/Trophy) is an achievement/trophy in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.


"Kill fifty enemies in a row without being hit and without using upgrade powers or the Power of Time."


Option 1- Option 1 and 3 are near the end of the game. When you get up a little ways in the tower called The Final Climb, you will get to a spot where you must go up a ramp and fight endlessly spawning enemies. If you stay at the bottom, enemies will not overwhelm you but they will continue to come down. Just dodge and attack until you kill 50 enemies in a row. If you get hit, do not worry and just keep going and trying again because the enemies just keep spawning.

Option 2- When you get to the area called The Baths, there will be magic type enemies that continue to spawn normal enemies. Just keep killing the normal enemies without touching the magic type until you get to 50 in a row. If you get hit, just reload or keep going because they will keep spawning if you don't touch the magic type.

Option 3- This option is a one shot deal. When you get to the final section of the game called The Final Climb you will get to a section in which you fight enemies on a platform, use vultures to advance, and them fight more enemies on platforms. There are enough enemies here and they are easy enough where this trophy is possible if you concentrate.

Option 4- This one can be pretty easy in the challenge rooms. Simply roll away from all attacks. This method may be slightly tricky but the best part is that if you mess up you can just quit to the main menu and retry within one minute.

Option 5- This is actually a lot easier than it sounds, but it is still not super easy. When you first return to the palace you will encounter your first group on undead enemies. This group will have 20 enemies in it total. Just hack away and when you see them going to attack (their attacks are very easy to read) just roll away. One thing to watch out for are the enemies that are in the process of swinging as you come back to the group. After you take care of this group, you will have some platforming to do. You will soon encounter another group of 20 enemies where you can repeat the same process. Platform some more and you will come to a room with a crank in the middle. When you finish this puzzle, a door will bust open with 20 more enemies. If you can kill all of these groups with this method the trophy will be yours. The hardest part might be the platforming between the groups.

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