While wearing the Mask of the Wraith, the Prince retains his personality, memories and his fighting skills, including his mastery of various weapons. This suggests and might even prove that although the Mask has deformed his physical appearance, it is not possessed by another conscious being. As the Sand Wraith, the Prince can manipulate time without limit, as his Sand Tanks fill themselves up automatically.[1]

However, the Mask depletes the Prince's life bar even when not struck or hurt in any way. Unlike the Dark Prince, this depletion will not kill the Prince but will take his life down to one quarter of the standard health circle (life upgrades do not affect this value) if allowed the time.[1] This implies that the Mask actually drains the essence of the person who wears it and transforms it into the Sands of Time, though this has never been confirmed.


With the use of the Mask of the Wraith, the Prince is able to utilize the Sands of Times and have it's contents restock on it's own, unlike having to gain sands by killing those corrupted by it's essence.[1]


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