Prince of Persia Object
Serpent Sword
Serpent Sword
First appearance
First Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
Last Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
Wielder Prince

The Serpent Sword is the fourth main weapon the Prince obtains in Warrior Within. This sword allows him to perform greater combos.


Kaileena gives this sword to the Prince. Its purpose is to serve as the "key" to the Clock Tower and the Garden Tower. Kaileena also mentioned that the sword, along with the Lion Sword, was cursed. Kaileena, assuming the prince may come, had her architects create a lock which would be unlocked with the serpent sword.

She cursed the lock that when the key sword was inserted, the key holder will be cursed with unluck until he got rid of the sword. It is advisable to finish the Garden Tower after getting this sword, so that you get the Lion Sword before you go to the Mechanical Tower.

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