Warrior Within

"Kill him"
—On her ship, just before boarding the Prince's ship
"You will never reach our shores alive!"
"It seems the Empress overestimated your abilities..."
—Shahdee to the Prince
"Fool! Dont you know... You cannot change your fate!""
—Her last words before her death
"His ship approaches, it is just as the Timeline foretold. I am sorry, Empress"
"You know you cannot change the Timeline. You cannot escape your fate. Yet you send me on this doomed mission"
—Shahdee to Kaileena
"You have two choices: run or die!"
"Tell me when you're going to be ready to fight for real"
"You don't honestly believe you can defeat me?"
"I'll not give you the satisfaction of seeing me fall!"
"I will not fail the Empress!"

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