Prince of Persia Enemies
Prince of persia skeleton
Alias N/A
Weapon(s) Swords
Damage Varies
Behavior Aggressive
Weaknesses Swords
Strengths Varies
Origin Persia
Creator N/A
Affiliation Jaffar,
Series Information
Located In N/A

Skeletons are a common enemy throughout the original Prince of Persia trilogy.


In the first Prince of Persia game, Skeletons act like Palace Guards and have swords to kill you with. Unlike the Guards, however, they cannot usually be harmed by your sword. Instead, they either move backwards a bit, so you can knock them into a pit or trap, or fall into a pile of bones for a while, letting you pass by.

One is first encountered early in the game, where you need to push it into a pit to kill it. Many are seen in the level after the Prince is sent into the depths of the earth by his doppelganger in the Super Nintendo port.

Gold Skeleton

There is a yellow Skeleton at the end of one level in the Super Nintendo version, guarding the exit. unlike the other bags of bones you face, this one has a health meter and can be killed like any Palace Guard, and acts as more of a boss fight than an enemy.

The golden skeleton boss may be older and weaker than the other skeletons, or may actually be made of gold, explaining why he is able to be killed with the sword and the others aren't.


  • In a scripted event, one skeleton early in the game is killed by a trap before it can harm the player.


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