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King Solomon Statue
Biographical Data
Alias King Solomon
Gender Male
Origin Unknown
Species Human
Relative(s) Unknown
Current Status Deceased
Professional Data
Occupation King
Affiliation(s) Persia
Item(s)/Weapon(s) Djinn Sword (formerly)
Powers None
Out of Universe Data
Appearance(s) Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Solomon was the king of a particular territory in Persia. He was an ally to Razia, the Djinn and King Sharaman.[1]


Under the rule of Solomon, his kingdom thrived and lived in harmony with the Djinn, supernatural beings with command over the elements of the Earth. According to Razia, the tribes of the Djinn, except Ratash, formed a pact with King Solomon, to work together.[1]

Together, Solomon and the Djinn expanded upon the kingdom in conjunction with their own, the city of Rekem, building bridges, aqueducts and other means of living. However, when Ratash used his power to create a Sand Army from the desert sands themselves, Solomon and the Djinn fought together to stop them. Solomon used the Djinn Sword to stop Ratash and the power of the Djinn was able to trap him and the army using a seal that locked them away inside Solomon's treasure vault.[1]

At some point later, when the Djinn parted ways with humanity, Solomon's alliance with Sharaman of Persia allowed his kingdom and its subject to remain protected under the guardianship of an individual from his family.[1]

Years after his death, Sharaman continued to protect his territory. Prince Malik later became ruler and protector of what was once the heart of Solomon's empire.[1]


Forgotten Sands Flame An image gallery is available for


  • In history, Solomon was the King of Israel and the son of David. He ruled his empire (the united kingdom of Israel) in 10th century B.C. The land later fell under the Persian rule around 550 B.C., after it was conquered by the Babylonians. It remained under Persian rule until around 330 B.C.
  • Whether or not the character and location in The Forgotten Sands is Solomon and Israel is never revealed in-game or by Ubisoft's promotional material for the game.


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