Sorceress 6
Attack Information
Alias N/A
Weapon(s) Magic
Damage N/A
Behavior Aggressive[1]
Weaknesses N/A
Strength(s) N/A
Origin Human corrupted by Haoma
Creator(s) Haoma
Affiliation Haoma
Out of Universe Information
Locations(s) Varies

"What did the genie promise you? A kingdom? A crown? No match for what I have offered you."
—The Sorceress

The Sorceress was a powerful witch tainted by the Haoma and trapped with a magic sword. She was unleashed when the Prince took the magic sword from her chest, allowing the Haoma to spread all over Izdihar.


She was originally the Princess Nasreen of Izdihar. One day when walking outside the kingdom she found a strange plant dying. She took it back into Izdihar and cultivated it, till it thrived and grew all over Izdihar. Though no one realized it, the plant was slowly corrupting those who came in contact with it, making them aggressive and finally mutating their bodies. Due to her cultivating it and being the one in closest and most frequent contact, it corrupted her the most, till she became the Sorceress.

She then led an army of corrupted animals and plants against the remaining citizens of Izdihar and crushed them until only two remained. One who fled swearing revenge. However other one used the Forge of the Gods to create a sword capable of destroying the Haoma. He fought the Haoma until he was on the edge of death and with his last breath, sealed the Sorceress and the Haoma inside stone with the sword.

The one who fled the city found the Prince and allowed herself to be sold to him. She then led him to Izdihar, but upon arriving he pulled the magic sword from the Sorceress's chest and accidentally unleashed her again. The Prince was attacked twice by the Sorceress, who first summoned an enormous monster called the Guardian, and later attacks the hero inside a temple.

She offers the Prince to join her, but he refuses multiple times. In the end, after the Prince has restored the magic Sword, the creature asks him to join her once again. The Prince refuses and the palace starts to collapse, revealing a sandstorm outside the building and several roots of the Haoma.

The hero then fights the monster, who gets power by the Haoma's heart. The Prince climbs trough a lot of platforms whipped by the vine, but he manages to reach a higher position and dive inside the heart of Haoma. He stabs the core of the plant and jumps out of the flower several times, till the Haoma dies. The Sorceress then collapses and returns to human form, revealed to be the princess Nasreen, the last of the Izdihar people, to the Prince.



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