Events involving the Prince

The Beach is the first area of the Island of Time on which the Prince stumbles upon his wreckage and after he was defeated in a sword retaliation by Shahdee and one of the few domains that sees out of Fortress the Warrior Within incidents. The player visits this district of the Island following a cinematic that explains the reasons for the Prince's journey on the sea, in which both him and a Persian ascetic are illustrated. In the foremost scene, the warrior is pictured lying on the dark sand of the sinister beach unconscious (after the strong kick delivered by his female homologous which incapacitates), while a small covey of crows were attempting to rip his flesh, as he seemed a deceased being. Due to losing his sword into the sea's depths after battling Shahdee, the Prince identifies a weak replacement near him, the Wooden Stick, by which he manages to eliminate the soaring threat.

This southern shore of the Island is also the location where the primal Water Fountain is encountered, on the left side of the ancient rock on which the Fortress was built, as well as where one can discover their first artwork (on the Western part of the first stairway, near a brazier). The solely enemy faced here are the Crows. The player also acquires their prime objective (mission) of the game, whose goal consists in successfully walking to the entrance of the ruined hold. The Beach is notably the unique area that cannot be accessed during in the past times.

Environment description

The circumstance presents itself as a black, sun-concealed strand, covered by a massive natural structure of rocks, embellished with the unsalvageable remains of the Prince's wooden ship. Scaffoldings, numerous wooden pieces, deck remnants and frameworks banish further advance toward the rocky sea all over the coast and breach the shore. At the base of the central stone pylon surface out of the water seven sharpened rocks, a pylon that stands right beneath the large gap slightly penetrated by a dim ray of white light. In the Western extremity, a dire, unholy wooden construction bars movement. The luridly architecture, though simple, represents a symbol of doom for unwanted travelers that reach the Island by its beam on which several bodies, two of them carcasses already rottened to the bones, are hanged, alongside a bizzare cage - that hosts other ensigns of death, skulls.

Despite the beach's baleful general image, waterfalls can be found here, too, forming small, fresh and crystalline bodies of water- adequate for nourishing your health in case the crows caused unaffordable or considerable injuries -, in the direction of North, North-East, suggesting the presence of some springs in the rocks. Moreover, verdant, lush portions in the rocks' proximity are observable, determining the appearance of the beach to partially turn into a fragment of paradise. The player can find the cardinal stairway leading to the Fortress' Entrance, easily to recognize after its blazing beacons that stand by, targeting the North-East direction of the Island.


a.) 2 artwork coffers

b.) one Main weapon

c.) weapons of determined types from defeated Keepers


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