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Sword artwork

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Attack Information
Alias Mahasti, Klompa, Twin Warriors
Weapon(s) Daggertail (Mahasti), Scimitar (Klompa), Sword (Sword Twin), Axe (Axe Twin)
Damage Varies
Behavior Aggressive
Weaknesses Varies
Strength(s) Varies
Origin Scythia
Species Human (formerly), Sand Creatures
Creator(s) Gods
Affiliation Vizier
Out of Universe Information
Game Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

The Generals[1] (Klompa, Mahasti, and the Twin Warriors) are four of the strongest warriors in the Scythian forces and the Vizier's greatest allies during the events of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.[2] All three encountered in the game are bosses that require varying tactics to beat.

Official Description

"Among the Scythians the Vizier encountered a few select individuals who he elevated to leadership positions, for he alone could not manage such a large force. Each general represents a different attribute --- strength, agility, and cunning --- and work to train the Viziers forces in each aspect. When the Vizier unleashes the Sands of Time, the lieutenants are exposed to the Sand directly, as opposed to the Vizier transforming them. The result is a tremendous magnification of their already significant abilities."
—Official Booklet Description[1]



Main article: Scythians

The Two Thrones

During the siege of Babylon, all five of the antagonists and the Prince are tainted or transformed by the Sands of Time. Klompa loses his identity; though he grew stronger, he is reduced to a giant, grotesque creature with little ability to generate critical thought.[2]

The Twin Warriors become more coordinated and have more strength than before; their ability to fight as unit increased. Mahasti became unhinged by the powers granted by the Sands of Time and became more reckless in her endeavor to recruit more members for the House of the Cat, transforming women she enslaved and captured into Sand Creatures against their will.[2]

Named Generals


Klompa Detail

Klompa about to be stabbed by the Prince.

Main article: Klompa

Klompa was previously a somewhat round, masked, and semi-armored male, with a forked spear as his main weapon. After his infection, he changed significantly in size particularly. Not too much of his past his known, and it is probable that he had sided with the Vizier right from his coup in India. This is also probable for the rest of the Generals.


Despite his size, defeating him is made fairly simple for the Prince. Klompa can be defeated by using the Prince's acrobatic abilities to climb ledges, jump onto Klompa's head and then initiate the Speed Kill ability, first blinding Klompa by stabbing him in each eye, and then stabbing him in the head and down his back, causing him to disintegrate into sand. After Klompa's death, the Prince frees the citizens that Klompa has taken prisoner. Unfortunately, the Prince's dark side, Dark Prince, then emerges, and the Prince jumps down a hole to stop the freed citizens seeing him.


Mahasti Monster

Mahasti as a Sand Monster

Main article: Mahasti

Mahasti is the only female of the four generals. She is also the previous wielder of the Daggertail, which is then later embedded into the Prince's arm as he tried to save Kaileena. She replaces her lost chain with two magnificent curved blades, with which she later fights the Prince (as the Dark Prince).

Her physical appearance is not much hindered by the Sands; but her physique and agility was greatly improved, which was shown by the length of her jumps during her fight with the Prince. In both her human and transformed form, Mahasti wears purple clothing which reveals her right leg, as well as her upper chest. She also wears a mask with two tusks coming out.


A strategy similar to Crow Master can be used on Mahasti. As is grabbing her, staying a safe distance from her is the safest strategy, whilst bouncing off of walls into her for an attack that lets you out of her range before she counters, as she sometimes defends against the attacks. Another option is to jump over her, and then use the dagger to slice at her, then repeat. If she starts overpowering you, block, and run away. Be wary of her powerful kicks, which can shoot you off the block the two of you are fighting on.

As the Dark Prince, the battle becomes less linear, and takes up more of the battlefield. The easiest - and probably the only - way to kill her is to use the Sands of Time to slow time down, and hit her before she leaps away from you. Once she lands on the other side of the battlefield, there should be a minion on your way to her, letting you regenerate health and sands. Keep up your onslaught until Mahasti goes down.

Twin Warriors


The Twins

Main article: Twin Warriors

The Twin Warriors are brothers of extreme and unique skill in fighting, and have a knack for superb teamwork. While one (Axe) wields the more defensive weapon (a great double-headed halberd), the other (Sword) wields the offensive weapon (a gigantic blade). Both these weapons are extremely large and damaging, and can deal damage to the point that they are only weaker than Klompa's kicks. The Sands rendered them capable of wielding such weapons, as they were grown to a slightly bigger frame than most humans, and their strength was far beyond normal.


Attack the Sword Warrior while watching out for the Axe Warrior to swing his weapon. Once he tries to attack you, dodge it, and the axe will get stuck on the ground, rendering Axe helpless and defenseless. Attack him when he is so, but do not get caught in Sword's blows. When you have done this enough times, the dagger flares, signaling to initiate a Speed Kill. Once the Speed Kill is finished, start the old process again. During the whole of this fight, two Speed Kills take place. Only the Speed Kills can cause serious damage to the Twins.


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